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Our passive metering solutions get Insight & Research professionals to their ‘AHA!’ moment faster than anything else on the market.

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Need to map & connect real consumer digital lifestyles? Using ethically sourced behavioral data, we’ve got you covered.

We manage our own panel of explicitly opted in mobile & desktop consumers, and against this, we run the fastest insight products available online. Alternatively we can help you fill crucial gaps in your own panels.


Customers who need analysis beyond the insights provided by our cloud based tools rely on our bespoke analytics team. It’s services include:

Digital Life Mapping: Our data scientists will delve deep to reveal customer journey insights that will truly transform your business; we will reveal where they really spend time online, when they read their news & when/where they shop so you can understand how best to engage them.

Shopping Analytics: Determine detailed basket data across eCommerce sites used by your audience to help you map the path to purchase.

People Analytics Live: Our cloud platform generates insights for your panel so you can analyse your own audience’s behavior in totally new ways.

You want your surveys to be not only cost-effective but reach your desired audience with pinsharp precision.

We give you this accuracy by matching your survey participants based on real online behavior - not claimed - to give you unprecedented insight clarity. Jump in with a Free survey credit today.

Trigger Survey: Select your audience and deploy your survey for answers based on real-time behavior triggers. e.g. location, app, purchase and many more.

Profile survey: Qualify survey participants based on profiles such as demographics, interests, historical activity and more.

90 days of consumer passive behavior & insights in an instant - that’s Snapshot.

We give you access to unique, first-hand consumer data, with explicit opt in, based on desktop browser history and mobile apps consumers have installed.

In addition to your instant insight dashboard, the raw source data is available in CSV and JSON format to export to your own applications.

Your instant insights suite gives you:

  • Lifestyle service usage
  • Site visit patterns
  • Social media usage
  • Content consumed
  • Search insights and much more

  • What’s your insight emergency?

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    Here's what our clients say

    Spark Foundry Tara Watkins Starcom Media Group Zenith

    Understanding consumers digital behaviours and habits in depth has been an area of difficulty for us because of the volume and accuracy of the data. Powr of You has provided us with a solution which benefits the consumer and the client. It has allowed us to open up a completely new avenue for consumer understanding of the digital world and provided us with data which is so granular and bespoke.

    Tara Watkins, Spark Foundry
    Join the Dots Lauren Baxendale Join the Dots

    The analysis period was iterative, allowing us to further delve into the data and continue to build on our story, particularly adding value in areas where what consumers believe they do can be quite different from what they actually do.

    Lauren Baxendale, Join the Dots
    Dunnhumby Karyn Mukerjee Dunnhumby

    The Powr of You team were able to turn around our project in very tight timescales and they achieved a level of detail which gave us a new perspective on customers’ behaviour.

    Karyn Mukerjee, Dunnhumby

    Our clients and partners

    We’re confident we can solve your research & insight challenges. If we fail, then we’ll make our data science team work in the bicycle basement. Without WiFi ;-)
    Our passive metering solutions get Research & Insight professionals to their ‘AHA!’ moment faster than anything else on the market. Or your money back.
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